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What’s Included?


Every Plans2Build plan comes with all the drawings you and your builder need to get started, immediately, without the wait, and for less than any other stock plan source.

Cover Page

The plan cover includes an overview of your house, including an exterior rendering, plan stats, and simplified floorplans.

Elevation Views

An elevation, or exterior view, is included for all four sides of the structure. Drawings include roof pitch and cross-section details, as well as exterior dimensions.


Floorplans detail the layout of the entire house. Multiple pages are used for multiple floors. All dimensions are included for construction, including doors, walls, stairways and windows. Specific cross-sections are given when required.

Foundation Plans

It’s what’s included that makes Plans2Build better than any other plan source. We give you multiple foundation options. All plans include sheets for slab and crawlspace (joist) foundations, with appropriate drawings for each. The choice is yours! The only exception is daylight foundations, which of course only include slab plans. Additional foundation styles, including full basements, are available at a minimal extra cost.

Joist Plan

The joist sheet contains floor framing information for upper floors, including beam locations and joist sizes, direction, and span.

Roofing System Plan

The roofing plan includes either pre-engineered truss information, or full vaulted-roof designs with center ridge beams, depending on the style of the house. Roof pitch can be changed for a minimal additional charge.

Other included pages

Plan addendum sheets: other miscellaneous sections or code information are included.

All plans are backed with over 30 years of home design expertise and a satisfaction guarantee.

How do I purchase a Plans2Build plan?

  1. Select a plan that matches your needs as closely as possible.
  2. Select the download format you want. PDF files are standard.
  3. If you’d like us to print the plan set(s) for you, select the number of sets you need from the box to the left.
  4. Select “Add to Cart” and you’re done! Electronic files will be sent to you immediately after you check out. Printed plan sets will ship within 48 hours.*

What are the available formats?

Adobe Acrobat (.pdf): All stock plans are immediately available in electronic format. Plans2Build uses the industry-standard PDF format. PDF files are viewable on your PC or Mac, and are formatted such that when they are plotted by most copy shops, should automatically default to their full-size (either “C” size at 18”x24”, or “D” size at 24”x36”, depending on the plan you order). All pages are scaled at ¼” = 1 foot to meet local building department standards. If you want to print them yourself, please check to make sure your printed plans haven’t used any other scale, such as shrink to fit, etc. Immediate Download
AutoCad (.dwg): For an added surcharge, we can furnish resident AutoCad files in .dwg format. This allows you or your engineer or designer to make significant modifications and changes before you plot the plans. Autocad files are normally supplied in Autocad LT 2004 format, so any CAD program of that age or newer can use them. If you have older software, contact us for availability of those formats. Immediate Download
Printed Plan Sets: Let us print your plan sets. You will receive your plan sets via US Postal Service Priority Mail, we’ll pay the shipping (within the continental US). Plan prints are shipped in mailing tubes, and the electronic formats are e-mailed to you to be used for backup. Unlike most large plan companies, we charge minimal printing cost (usually similar to what you’ll pay locally).

Plans are reproduced using a black-and-white toner-based electrostatic plotting system, which means the pages are high-resolution and smudge resistant. Select the number of print sets you need when you purchase your plan.

What about Structural Engineering?

Plans2Build makes every effort to comply to the International Residential Code 2006, which is the latest building code for the United States. This code is usually revised every 3 years. Since local conditions vary, the building official can require that you get a “Wet-Stamp” from a locally licensed structural engineer or architect. This basically takes liability off of the local authorities, so that if there ever is a problem of strength due to earthquake, winds, etc, you have recourse against the engineer, who is warranting the structure. Cost for the “stamp” vary widely, depending on your area, but the .pdf format files should be able to be used by them to do their work, which usually amounts to adding straps or other devices to reinforce certain areas.


*48-hour estimate does not include weekends or holidays.